Since our support group has been up and running we have a number of people to thank for their support:

The Northam Lions club of Western Australia
For their donation of a laptop computer.
The Apex Club of York Western Australia
For their donation of $100.00

Mr. Ted Hughes Medina Western Australia
For his donation of a trip to Paris to attend the International conference on Cystinosis for Sue & Serena Scott.

The Macaulay Family- Victoria, Australia
For their donation of $100.00

Many Residents from Pinjarra and Mandurah
Who have been buying Cadbury’s chocolate for the past year! Thankyou for your assistance in helping to raise funds for our support group.
Many thanks to all the Australian families who have shared their lives and stories. Without you we would not have a support group at all.

The Andrews Family Victoria, Australia
For their donation of $50.00

Ben Hawkins- York, Western Australia
For the donation of a Colour Ink Jet Printer and also, for technical assistance with our web page and newsletter.

The U.S.A Cystinosis Foundation – Mrs. Jean Hotz and Mr. Frank Ritchie
For their never ending support and encouragement as well as setting up an Australian web page. They have also supplied us with much literature that we have been able to send on to all our Australian families and doctors. Many thanks.

The Cystinosis Foundation of UK & Eire Jonathan Terry Paul Beckwith 
Who have given us much encouragement to push ahead and start a support group for Australia.

Orphan Australia
We wish to thank Orphan Australia for their help and support with brochures and pill timers, and of course the Cystagon. Also the sponsorship for our 1st Cystinosis Conference in Australia, September 9th and 10th 2006
Carers W.A.
For the Family Leadership and Initiative Grant that enabled us to have our 1st Cystinosis Conference in W.A.
Atrium Hotel Mandurah W.A.

For their assistance with our Cystinosis Conference September 2006.

Holcombe Family Victoria
For their donation of $5000 for the Support Group.