The 5 W’s: Answers to Common Questions about Being a Dietitian

What’s the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist? Yes, people often confuse these two. Though they do have similarities as to what they want to do. But the limitation arises as to what they can do. A registered dietitian (RD) is an individual who has completed a nutrition program, had hands-on training and passed a licensure exam. RD’s are equipped with the knowledge and skills of how to keep a person healthy using proven and tested scientific methods. A nutritionist, however, has no specific guidelines or requirements on how to become one. Apart from that first very common query, here are other five answers to your questions about dietitian.

WHY Do People Want To Become A Dietitian?

The first thing always asked is “why”. Why this out of all the others. Well, that’s easy. Apart from the other countless reasons like travelling, flexible opportunities, and a competitive paycheck, the main one is that you are helping people. You get to be the catalyst to how individuals can live a happy and healthy life. And when that becomes your profession and passion at the same time, it truly makes being a dietitian a worthwhile job.

WHAT Undergraduate Course Should One Take To Become A Dietitian?

The best undergraduate courses to take are always those closest to the field of nutrition and health. You can make a more detailed search about it to really know which one. But apart from that, other courses, even with a slightly different scope are also acceptable. It just all boils down to the graduate university you are going to attend in. Some offer prerequisite courses for those who didn’t study nutrition as undergraduate students.

WHEN Can A Person Be Called A “Registered Dietitian”?

Like any degree that involves health as a profession, it requires quite a few steps to reach that goal of being a registered dietitian. In the brief, you need to get an undergraduate degree, undergo an internship, take the RD exam, then get a Master’s degree. All these steps and everything in between that was not mentioned are crucial aspects when you are an aspiring registered dietitian. To get a better scoop on what the specific requirements are, you can check out which gives you the opportunity to converse with registered dietitians. You can ask for their journey and even read their blogs to know how it was like for them.

WHERE Can A Dietitian Work?

Because dietitians are basically needed in countless health organizations and institutions, that gives the leverage of being able to work anywhere. From clinics to hospitals to gyms and even restaurants, the possibilities of where you can work as an RD are limitless. The choice is ultimately up to you.

WHO Are Their Possible Clients?

Believe it or not, you get to serve a wide range of clients from all walks of life. Your possible clients can be ANYONE. You can have the chance to serve and help seniors, celebrities, coaches, players, managers, and so much more! Though it won’t be guaranteed that “everyone” will avail of your services. But with the thought that it can be anyone gives a tinge of excitement and inexplicable passion for your profession.

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