Spend a cool summer

This world is a lovely place with unique places to explore. It ranges from the hilltops to countryside, from hot springs to cold snow. All of this provides a wide variety of options for the travel lovers. You can go from the South Pole to the North Pole, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The list is endless. Some countries have all four seasons, so you need to plan your travels at the appropriate time of the year. If not you will not get the experience you desire. Certain areas cannot be accessed during winter due to strong snow storms or in summer due to the hot weather.

If you are a snow lover an ideal place for you to visit is Canada. It is located north of the American continent. It is home to many monuments such as catholic and gothic churches. The popular Niagara Falls is also located at the American Canadian border. So you can have a look at it from the Canadian point of view and American point of view. If you are in the North American region you can go for a hike at the Rocky Mountains. It is extremely cold in the area so remember to wear your winter clothes and take your winter gear with you. If not you will not be able to manage out in the cold.

You can try skiing in the area as there many popular ski resorts in the region. Vancouver, British Columbia is home to many popular ski resorts. You can borrow skiing gear from the resort which provides it for a very affordable fee. You will also get instructors, so you don’t have to worry if you are a newbie to this sport. Even if you know, a little instructing and help won’t be of any harm.

The Canadian region is extremely cold so is home to a lot of species such as the popular winter animal, the polar bear. You can find many in the region. However due to global warming, these animals are known to be deteriorating in number. Help protect these species from going extinct by doing your part to prevent global warming.

You can find many hotels and resorts for your stay in this lovely cool country. Accommodation could be costly but you can find great deals on offer thorough the internet. Many places put these up on their websites especially during specific seasons. So watch out for these if this country is on the card for your next vacation.


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