Private and Government Hospitals: An Evaluation

There are many private medical institutions which require lump sum amounts of money to be paid in return for their services. And then there is the Government Hospitals where most often everything is free of charge. But in most countries, you will be able to observe that the private hospitals are full with large numbers of patients. So are you wondering why anyone would opt for paying when it is also freely available?

Read below for an evaluation.

The Cost of Waiting and Difficulty

Although, in monetary terms you don’t have to pay anything at these government hospitals, you do have to pay by wasting your time standing in queues and being shouted at for no reason at all by some of the lower level staff who work. Some may not even be the medical staff. Most people find extremely inconvenient and some other would rather spend money and be treated rather than having to wait in queues and having to listen to their scolding. Some find it a dignity problem of having to tell others that they went to a government owned free hospital! This is mainly the case in Asian countries.

Insufficient Space

Government hospitals are generally large, especially those that are opened in the major towns. Although they are huge, they easily fill up with patients from even far way districts where they cannot afford proper medical care. For instance, the SIUT institute had to treat over 1.5 million patients in 2016 after it was able to obtain the latest of technology for problems like, dialysis, lithotripsy and etc. It was free and it was funded by a Bashir Dawood, who bought about a second chance at life many patients hailing from the rural and illegitimate communities in India.


Cleanliness can be another huge issue with the government hospitals. Especially with a lot of the uneducated crowd coming for treatment to the government hospitals, they are most often unaware of the sanitary practices that they should practice. And hence, the space that they had to stay will most often than not was messy. Even the bathrooms are not kept clean. However, it is complete opposite with private hospitals where they have employed personnel for cleaning!


In Smaller Hospitals: Equipment

In some of the governmental hospitals that are usually in the rural area smaller and don’t have all the necessary equipment to run tests and diagnostics. Therefore, those of whom who have the ability to finance their medical bills they go to private hospitals! These hospitals most often lack the necessary medical assistance or staff as well!

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