Northern Hemisphere

Beauty of the northern hemisphere

Are you an avid traveler? Are you passionate about going from location to location in search of anything material or non-material? Are you thinking of where to head to next? Is travel your fuelling power? All these are questions to be asked from those who are crazy about travelling. The answers you may vary, but not as much as the experience gained from all the travels done by them. It is true that travelling is a passion for some. It is in their blood. Seeing a passport full of pages with seals is pure bliss for these kind of people. So let us read on to some of the unique places to travel in this planet.

If you are in to getting a mesmerizing experience then the northern lights are just right for you. Seen at the northern hemisphere of the globe, these lights are absolutely picturesque in contrast to the night sky. Finland, Norway, Canada, Iceland are the countries to be in if you want a glimpse of this beauty show. There are seasons in which you can watch these clearly, whereas at other times you can get a glimpse of it in the night sky. Many hotels offer special packages especially during the season for northern lights and they can be costly.

The northern lights are to be seen only in remote areas where there is no metro touch. This is because the sky cannot be seen well if it is hoarded by artificial light from the ground. So these hotels and resorts are situated in remote locations where you can go and stay in peace. Special cabin like room are built in a hotel in Finland where you can watch this show of lights from the roof of the room. It is an excellent way to spend your honeymoon or anniversary if you can afford it. The unique experience you gain from it is well worth the money you spend.

Additionally you can have a ride on sleigh or have fun in the snow as most of these areas in the northern part of the world is filled with snow. So you need to gear up for it with appropriate winter wear. You can sign up for amazing deals offered through various packages by tour companies who cater especially to watch this amazing scientific transformations. The hotels you stay in knows when you can see this display, hence informing you prior to it coming. So you can get ready to watch this once in a lifetime experience from your own eyes.

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