All the Reasons to Replace your Medication with Spices

Since ancient times, spices and herbs have been a part of food and cooking in general, although some parts of the world are arguably more dependent on them than others. This is because those countries have cultures, traditions and roots seeped in this way of cooking. Through globalization however, it has become more and more possible to spread these options to all four corners of the globe, and now countries who typically do not use spices in their cooking are also adapting the practice little by little. This is encouraging to see, mainly because spices are nature’s own medication for us, though we tend to opt for more modern choices via modern-day medicine.

Better Respiration

Your respiratory system is obviously responsible for your breathing, and as such needs to be well taken care of. However, complications like sinuses and catarrh can make life a lot harder for those who suffer from them. Well, as it turns out, spices can help eradicate these issues; cayenne, in particular. Spices like cayenne pepper help warm the body, which in turn helps stimulate circulation and keeps your respiratory system functioning smoothly and without any roadblocks so to speak.

Control Inflammation

This is another common problem or health ailment rather, that people face, and typically you would be prescribed a host of medications to take now, followed by repeat appointments and even more medications after those appointments. As it so happens, a significant turmeric powder benefit is controlling inflammation, and is therefore an essential in your daily cooking. The good thing is that turmeric can be added to anything, a meat dish, a fish, dish, vegetables, seasoning. The main ingredient in turmeric which is curcumin is what gives the spice its distinct yellow colour, and also what combats inflammation primarily.

Combat Nausea

There are many reasons as to why one may feel nauseous, and few things can really help alleviate this. Guzzling down pills and other medication when you are feeling nauseous makes things even worse, and may make you want to hurl the medicine you just took as well. If however you opt for ginger, the likelihood of you feeling better almost immediately is higher. There are specific spices for specific reasons, and ginger is one for nausea. If you are very interested in the subject, you can definitely dig deeper and study further as well.

Alleviate Digestive Issues

Another common ailment we seem to be facing these days is digestive issues. This could be mainly owing to the fact that we just eat all sorts of foods throughout the day, not really giving our bodies enough time to process them. Plus, we also tend to eat a lot of junk instead of wholesome foods, which is even worse. Cumin for instance, is known to help offer some respite from digestive complications, as are cinnamon and nutmeg. Of course what is best suited to you depends on your own health traits and requirements. Once again, it’s best advised to do some research on the subject.

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